Bridge to Practice for Paralegals: Drafting Pleadings: A Guide for Paralegals 2021

CPD Hour(s)
2 h 30 m Substantive
15 m Professionalism
15 m EDI Professionalism

Original air date: October 27, 2021

Pleadings and applications are powerful. When you commence a claim or application, these documents start your client’s case on the right path (or not). Even before you’ve made your first argument at a court or tribunal, the decision maker reads your pleadings and forms a first impression of the case. Our presenters offer valuable tips to create an effective drafting plan with your client and to communicate your intentions through clear language in your documents.

  • Consider how your facts and research support your client’s claim or application
  • Think about the relief you seek and possible challenges to enforcing the claim
  • Learn about ethical issues that arise from careless drafting errors