Reapplication Fee

Applications under rule 7.6-1.1 or subrule 6.01(6) are generally approved for a defined term of three years. At the end of a three-year term, the Law Society will determine whether it is necessary for the lawyer or paralegal to make a formal reapplication for the arrangement. If issues have arisen, and another application is necessary following the three-year approval period, the lawyer entitled to practise law or paralegal entitled to provide legal services may be required to reapply with a formal reapplication and must also publish a notice of the reapplication.

A non-refundable fee in the amount of $150 + HST must be submitted with the application.

The Regulatory Compliance department is responsible for monitoring compliance with orders and undertakings obtained by the Law Society, and will monitor any approved applications under rule 7.6-1.1 or subrule 6.01(6).

Questions related to the reapplication process should be directed to the Regulatory Compliance department at