Application under Rule 7.6-1.1 Application Fee

Lawyers or paralegals who plan to retain, occupy office space with, use the services of, partner or associate with, or employ in any capacity having to do with the practice of law or provision of legal services any person who in Ontario or elsewhere, has been disbarred and struck off the Rolls, has had their licence to practise law or to provide legal services revoked, has been suspended, has had their licence to practise law or to provide legal services suspended, has undertaken not to practise law or to provide legal services, or who has been involved in disciplinary action and been permitted to resign or to surrender their licence to practise law or to provide legal services, and has not had their licence restored must formally apply in advance to the Law Society for permission to do so under rule 7.6-1.1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct or subrule 6.01(6) of the Paralegal Rules of Conduct.

The application process is initiated by an Ontario lawyer entitled to practise law or a paralegal entitled to provide legal services in Ontario along with the former or suspended licensee completing an Application Under Rule 7.6-1.1 Applicant Lawyer’s Information form or an Application Under Subrule 6.01(6) Applicant Paralegal’s Information form, along with the Information for a Plan of Supervision Under Rule 7.6-1.1/Subrule 6.01(6) form. The former or suspended licensee must complete the Information for a Rule 7.6-1.1/Subrule 6.01(6) Application from a Former or Suspended Licensee or a Licensee who has Given an Undertaking Not to Practise Law or Provide Legal Services. All forms should be submitted to the Law Society by the applicant.

A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $200 + HST must be submitted with the application.

All applications and attachments are initially reviewed by the Client Service Centre. Questions related to the application process should be directed to the Client Service Centre at