Certificate of Standing - Paralegal

Paralegals may be required to provide a Certificate of Standing to a third party to confirm their entitlement to provide legal services for employment or other purposes.

The Law Society prepares and sends electronic copies of Certificates of Standing. Before placing an order for a certificate(s), make sure that you confirm with any third party recipients that electronic copies are accepted. If electronic copies are not accepted, confirm the mailing instructions and provide them to the Law Society when you place the order. Otherwise, you may be responsible for ordering another certificate at your own cost.

The cost for a Certificate of Standing is $50.00 (plus taxes). The cost of an additional copy is $10.00 (plus taxes). It may take up to 10 business days to process a Certificate of Standing. A Certificate of Standing will not be prepared and released to a third party without the subject licensee's authorization. Complete details about ordering a Certificate of Standing are on our website.

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Third Party Authorization Form