Impaired and "Over 80" 2017


Saturday, December 2, 2017 (09:00 AM-12:30 PM)

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  • Jon FullerAssistant Crown Attorney - Ottawa-Carleton
    Criminal Law Division, Ministry of the Attorney General
  • Jeffrey Milligan
    Barrister and Solicitor

When it comes into force, Bill C-46 will dramatically overhaul the impaired driving provisions of the Criminal Code. Judges, Crowns, and defense counsel will undertake an exhaustive review of the sweeping changes, as well as the possible constitutional objections to the new legislation and the arguments the Crown could make to rebut those objections.

  • What are the new provisions and how do they differ from the provisions they replace?
  • What is the new screening regime for drugs and for alcohol?
  • How will intoxilyzer results be treated? Does deeming intoxilyzer results "conclusive" proof reverse the onus of proof? Is this a violation of s.7 of the Charter?
  • Will the elimination of the evidence to the contrary and bolus drinking defenses survive court scrutiny?
  • What are the new fines and sanctions for a conviction?
  • Does the new sentencing grid, tied to blood alcohol content, violate the Charter?


  • Jon FullerAssistant Crown Attorney - Ottawa-CarletonCriminal Law Division, Ministry of the Attorney General
  • Jeffrey MilliganBarrister and Solicitor
  • The Honourable Nancy KastnerOntario Court of Justice
  • Karen Jokinen, C.S.Jokinen Law Professional Corporation
  • Peter KeenAssistant Crown Attorney - Dryden, Criminal Law DivisionMinistry of the Attorney General
  • Kerry McVeyAssistant Crown Attorney - Ottawa-CarletonCriminal Law Division, Ministry of the Attorney General
  • Stephen PricePrice & Altman Barristers
  • The Honourable Jeanine LeRoyOntario Court of Justice
  • James PalangioCrown Law Office - CriminalMinistry of the Attorney General
  • The Honourable Stacey NicholsOntario Court of Justice
  • Irwin IsensteinBarrister and Solicitor
  • David ParkeAssistant Crown Attorney - OshawaCriminal Law Division, Ministry of the Attorney General
  • The Honourable Joseph KenkelOntario Court of Justice
  • Peter LindsayBarrister and Solicitor

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