Advanced Strategies to Resolve Family Law Files - Part 2: Resolving the Family Law Matter Outside the Court Process (REPLAY)
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Wednesday, November 27, 2019 (9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.)

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Successfully resolving a family law matter is both an art and a science. In addition to the technical legal aspects, to conclude a higher percentage of your matters, you need to understand the various personalities, psychologies, dynamics, and relationships at play among the parties, their lawyers, and often various others. How does one effectively use those aspects in the negotiations and dispute resolution? Look to our new two-part program for the answers that experienced counsel need! Our seasoned family law lawyers, mediators, and judges share their advice, strategies, secrets, and hard-won wisdom, all in a fast-moving and engaging format. For dynamic, in-depth analysis and guidance, both parts are not to be missed.

Part 1: Settling the Family Law Matter within the Court Process

Even if your case makes it to court, chances are it won't end in a multiday trial. The overwhelming majority of family law cases that start in the court process will settle before a judge renders a final decision. In fact, the family court system in Ontario is structured to encourage consensual resolution at each juncture; experienced counsel know this and make it work to their client's advantage. How? By employing various strategies to create the conditions conducive to achieving a favourable and durable settlement. Our presenters teach you these critical, often subtle skills by exploring in detail the key aspects needed to move the matter towards a settlement.

Part 2: Resolving the Family Law Matter outside the Court Process

More and more, clients are opting to settle their matter without going to court, or at least attempting to resolve the matter before a court’s final decision is rendered. It is imperative that lawyers choose the optimal alternative dispute resolution process. Our presenters take you through the options available and the underlying rationale to determine which process is best suited for your matter. You also learn how to advance the interests of your client within the dispute resolution process and how to plan and manage the matter if it does not settle. (Note: It is not necessary to complete Part 1 in order to register for Part 2.)
  • Understand how to conduct an effective first interview to help you determine the appropriate process for your client
  • Learn best practices in utilizing mediation, arbitration, med/arb and collaborative law avenues to resolve files
  • Hear how parenting coordination strategies can used to settle parenting issues


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